Thursday 7 May 2015

Useful Sitecore Links

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In this blog post I am quickly listing down some useful Sitecore links which I refer frequently:
  1. Sitecore Official Website  
  2. Sitecore Community Network: Discuss tips, tricks, techniques, and solutions for every-day scenarios when working with the Sitecore Experience Platform.
  3. Sitecore Developer Network : Sitecore technical hub which is having technical documentation, tool downloads, code snippets, reference documents till Sitecore version 7.5.
  4. Sitecore Developer Forum : The developer forum is an active online developer community of Sitecore users, trained developers, certified partners and Sitecore staff members.
  5. Sitecore Experience Platform Documentation : You will find all new documentation for Sitecore Experience Platform on this website.
  6. Sitecore Knowledge Base Website : Sitecore Knowledge Base site provides access to multiple documented known issues, how-to articles, and security bulletins published by Sitecore.
  7. Sitecore Developer Portal : Starting with Sitecore Experience Platform 8 all Sitecore related technical information, release notes and product downloads will be available only on Sitecore developer portal.
  8. Sitecore Marketplace : Extend Sitecore with available open source modules or contribute your own modules to the community.
  9. Manage Sitecore Profile: Manage your Sitecore profile across all * sites.
  10. Sitecore Official Training : Sitecore Training website addresses the learning needs of all types of Sitecore users, from developers and administrators, to business users and marketers. 
  11. Sitecore Regional Office : Find contact information about your local/regional Sitecore office.
  12. Sitecore Community on GitHub : Sitecore Community on GitHub consists code samples and contrib projects.
  13. Sitecore Partner Network : Sitecore technical hub for Sitecore certified partners.
  14. Sitecore Resource Library : This resource library contains various learning resources like analyst reports, whitepapers, recorded webinars, videos, product vouchers and many more!
  15. Sitecore Business Blogs : Various Sitecore business blogs related to digital marketing, digital customer experience etc.
  16. Sitecore Technical Blogs : Sitecore technical blogs written by Sitecore technical community experts and Sitecore development team.
  17. Sitecore Best Practice Blogs : Expert advice from the Sitecore Best Practice Community. 
  18. Sitecore Blog Feed : Subscribe to feed of 130+ related blogs and 1000+ posts related to Sitecore to keep you informed.
  19. Sitecore Events and Webinars : Find Sitecore live events and register for upcoming webinars.
  20. Sitecore Community Driven Documentation :  Community-driven collection of developer resources - including blogs, videos, references, and articles.
  21. Sitecore Support Helpdesk : Access to Sitecore Support is offered through the Sitecore Support Portal.  
  22. Sitecore Support Repository : Sitecore support respository contains patches with source code, bug fixes and sample customizations.

Useful Sitecore Knowledge Base Articles

  1. Sitecore Product Support Lifecycle
  2. Sitecore Support - Scope of Services
  3. How to use Sitecore Support Portal 
  4. Sitecore Support Knowledge Base
  5. Known issues for Sitecore 8
  6. How to use Sitecore XP 8 without xDB
  7. Quarterly Security Bulletin
  8. Sitecore Compatibility Guide : This guide presents various Sitecore compatibility tables and similar useful articles. 
  9. Sitecore Compatibility Table : This table presents Sitecore CMS and Sitecore XP compatibility with different browsers, operating systems, .NET frameworks and database servers.
  10. ASP.NET MVC Compatibility Table : This table presents Sitecore Modules compatibility with different versions of ASP.NET MVC.
  11. Sitecore Modules Compatibility Table : This table presents the compatibility of Sitecore Modules with different Sitecore CMS versions.
  12. Sitecore Commerce Compatibility Table : This table presents the compatibility of different Sitecore CMS/XP versions with different Sitecore Commerce and Sitecore Commerce Connect versions.
  13. Sitecore Azure Compatibility Table : This table presents the compatibility of Sitecore Modules with different versions of Sitecore Azure.
  14. Microsoft Azure SDK Compatibility Table : This table presents Sitecore Azure module compatibility with different versions of Microsoft Azure SDK.
  15. Solr Compatibility Table : This table presents compatibility of different Sitecore CMS/XP versions with different Solr versions.
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